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If you're an individual, solo developer, student, US military, or a US veteran, or you're working at a small startup, we've got a deal for you. This is done on the honor system.

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Consider a µBlend that contains this course

  • $49.95

    $49.95µBlend: MongoDB Deep Dive + Python Flask + Bonus: Setting Up Windows 10 for Python Development

    Perfect for new and veteran Python web developers! You learn the basics of installing and working with MongoDB in the deep dive, then you move on to learning to use MonoDB in a real web API project.
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  • $59.95

    $59.95µBlend: MongoDB Deep Dive + All Coding Languages + Bonus: Setting Up Windows for Python Development

    Perfect for the polymath! All coding languages in one bundle, plus if we add more, you'll have them.
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