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Thanks for your efforts, one main problem with many courses available is that, they stop at Hello World program. Lot of emphasis is on theory and very little on actual programming practices and how to set up a project. Hope to see the course soon. I am doing the Essential Training 2 now. Once again thank you for your efforts.

Polesto M

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I'm currently doing your course "Building RESTful APIs with Flask". I just finished the 2nd chapter. I just wanted to say thank you. I've been doing a lot of online courses and it's great to find someone who does it with personality. These things can get boring and pretty monotonous. I've been laughing while learning with you. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being funny.

Dimitar I.

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Dear Mr. Van Horn, I was delighted for heaving the chance to learn from the Building RESTful APIs with Flask LinkedIn course you kindly designed and delivered. Therefore, I will be happy to have you among my LinkedIn connections. Thank you in advance and will appreciate whatever you. Kindest regards

John D

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Hello! I enjoyed your C# courses! It's great to hear from a celebrity. You have close to one million views on Lynda!

Prasad N

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Hello sir, Your course content is good and quality of content is also better than any other courses available on the same topic. Thank you for your contribution.

Leon R

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Just finished your pycharm course. I thought it was fantastic. I got so many tips and tricks out of it. Thank you!!!

Han Z

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Hi Bruce, I studied your course on It is helpful. Really wish you can make a JAVA course. Anyway, I want to connect with you 😄

Leon M

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Taking your C# course to help to learn the language for my new job. That's an awesome job! Hope to be connected to your network as well. Thanks!

Bob E

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I'm taking the Python PyCharm course at LinkedIn and finding it so helpful in learning how to setup the Python development. My experience has been with Java and more recently Xcode Swift but I'm finding Python a much better experience. Looking forward to more courses

Adrian P

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Hi Bruce, I just went through your course "Learning Python with PyCharm" and I'm here just to say thank you, it's excellent. It's perfect for me, coming from a c# background and moving into new tooling but understanding how to code a different flavour.
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    When learning something new, sometimes you need a deep dive, and a six hour video course is great for that. But other times you just need to know how to do one thing to get your project rolling, or to push it across the finish line. Our µlearning formats deliver tiny, focused, "how-to" chunks in 15 minutes or fewer, so you can get back to the real work.

  • Focusing on How-To

    We're 100% focused on "how-to" making us the perfect adjunct to traditional training formats including video learning, mentoring, classroom education, and self-study. There are plenty of ways to get the theory, but why should you wade through it all over again when you just need a quick "how-to"?

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    For our paid courses, most allow you to study the first chapter free of charge. If you buy the course, we guarantee you'll learn something useful before its conclusion. If you're not happy, let us know and we'll either adjust the content or give you a full refund.

Our µLearning Formats

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Micro-learning consists of content focused on one easily digestable learning objective, and is designed to be consumed right when you need it. For example if you have a new project and you are required to set up an Nginx server on Ubuntu, you could find a tutorial here that covers that one thing. If you tried that on any of the video based web sites, you'd probably have to either wade through a bunch of lame amateur videos, or pay hundreds for a professionally developed course that covers everything about Ubuntu, or Nginx and has one video you need and dozens that you don't.

Our µLearning (Micro-Learning) formats are state of the art in the learning and development field. On this site, we focus on four distinct formats designed to maximize impact and retention.

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